All of nature invites us to make art. Many years ago Johan started as a sculptor in ‘found wood’ – “waist direct method”. When he ended his teaching career in 2012, time became available to take a higher art education at the Municipal Academy in Bruges, with courses of drawing, painting and sculpting the human body – for him the most beautiful creation in the known universe.

You can get an idea of some of his artworks below. Most statues are made in natural raw clay, fired at 1200°C.They are often spiritually inspired.


What you pay for these works of art is donated to Toontjeshuis ‘geDREven’, which is currently under construction in Moerkerke (Belgium).

The price should never be an obstacle. If you feel a connection with a statue, let us know what you are willing to pay for it.

Some statues in clay that have been sold, can still be ordered. A new one is then created based on the same design. When you are interested in a statue, a video is sent first, so you can see the different sides.

We will send you a mail with details about payment and shipping costs.

Works of art

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